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Designer Pamella Protzel is an LA girl at heart, and her hip, fun and quirky Ella Moss collection reflects that. From daily after-school trips to Beverly Hills as a middle schooler to Parisian flea market excursions as a teen, Protzel has always been inspired by art, fashion, people and traveling. A true style prodigy, at 27, Protzel has already established Ella Moss as one of the hottest, fastest-growing collections within the contemporary arena. To learn more, visit Ella Moss's social pages and website below.

There are 50 designer fashions from Ella Moss for women. Browse below for clothing, available for sale online. Average price of Ella Moss designer fashion is 57 USD from 6 online stores.

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There are 50 articles of clothing designed by Ella Moss with an average price of 57 USD currently for sale from 5 online stores.

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