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The creative world of Orla Kiely was founded in 1995 to express visually, her love of pattern, color, texture and rhythm, which as components all play and work together. Her instinctive graphic discipline to simplify and stylize everyday motifs and forms adds another dimension. With clean and orderly repeat constructions combined with a boldness of scale, her work achieves strength with a very modern quality, while her nostalgia for all things mid-century, help make her patterns charming, uplifting and instantly recognizable. To learn more, visit Orla Kiely's social pages and website below.

There are 9 designer fashions from Orla Kiely for women. Browse below for bags, available for sale online. Average price of Orla Kiely designer fashion is 69 USD from 3 online stores.

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There are 9 designer bags designed by Orla Kiely with an average price of 69 USD currently for sale from 2 online stores.

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