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08 Apr 20
If you have an adventure lover in your life, chances are that they don't want another sweater or candle for Christmas. Give truly adventurous Christmas gifts this year with experience gifts for a variety of different adventures ranging from wine tastings to racecar driving lessons.

So you have finally made the tough decision to attend fashion school; now the only problem is deciding which fashion school to attend.

28 Apr 20

For many people who own a dog or multiple dogs, there is often talk of adding a doggie door to their home.

05 May 20

When it comes to making an impression at the beach, nothing says it all like a stylish summer bikini.

29 May 20

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02 Jul 20
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Celebrities Are Wearing Their Babies - 5 Reasons Why
More and more moms and dads world-wide are doing it. Are you? Wearing your baby that is.Stylish baby carriers have become the latest fashion must-haves for new mom and dads. Celebrities like Brad and Gwen are using them to carry their babes around town.
20 Aug 20
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An Overview Of Parenting Books
The best parenting books are the ones that are written by those with a story to tell about their own experiences.
27 Aug 20
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Are Guitar Manufacturers Biased Towards Men?
More women than ever are playing the guitar nowadays. More luthiers and guitar manufacturing companies are paying attention to the needs of smaller female players, their playing styles, and their sense of style and design.
08 Sep 20
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Baby Travel Systems - Strollers With Extras
Baby travel systems have come a long way since the small, rickety strollers of years ago. Today you can find a stroller in the shape of most any tractor or animal around. In addition, many of the strollers come with extra features that were unheard of even as long as 10 or 20 years back.
11 Sep 20
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Designer Jeans - Let Your Designer Jeans Make A Fashion Statement
Ok so you have to choose between jeans and don't know which ones are meant for you. You hate the dilemma and think all of them are meant for you! Just relax and don't freak out, you need help so just read on.Some tips will work as a blessing for you when it comes to choosing a perfect pair of jeans.
Popular Blogs
06 Jun 20
Beach shoes have evolved significantly over the last few years. Gone are the days when flip-flops and Birkenstock's (remember that not all Birkenstock's are waterproof so choose the ones you'll wear to the beach wisely) were your only option. Though, who can really live without a nice comfy pair of Birkenstock's? Today there are all kinds of shoes made specifically to wear to the beach.
10 Jul 20
Juliette Binoche introduced the drops of heaven (chocolates) in a small village and changed the lives of those who lived in the village for good, in the film "Chocolate". In celluloid or not, the heart warming winning charms of chocolate is known all over.
05 Aug 20
Moms are important people in the family and this is probably the reason why choosing the right Christmas gifts for her is one of the toughest things many people have to deal with especially during holiday season. The good news is that you do not have to get her a gift that costs an arm and a leg.
Newest Blogs
21 Jun 20
Bridal hats with veil offer elegant alternatives for brides who aren't enamored with the miles-long wedding veil. While the bridal hat is recently returning to its own again, hats have been worn for generations, especially during the more subdued second wedding.More than in any bygone era, today's woman dares to be different. Conventionality doesn't fit them.
17 Jul 20
It's that time of year again: boot-buying season. There are all types and styles to choose from, but finding the best-fitting boots requires some shopping legwork. While you're deciding between a stiletto heel, kitten heel or stacked heel, think of where you will be wearing them and for how many hours each day.
24 Sep 20
Celebrity baby clothes can give your toddler all that is required to look stylish and hip. With so much importance given to looks and great dressing, appearance is everything, and the same goes for your little ones.Believe it or not, celebrity moms also have to wade through a lot of stuff to find the ones that will look adorable on their tiny tots.
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