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May 5, 2020
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Are Doggie Doors a Good Idea?

Author: Administrator
For many people who own a dog or multiple dogs, there is often talk of adding a doggie door to their home. There is actually a debate going on between home owners who believe these contraptions are great versus those who think they are not. There are many pros and cons as far as these doors go. Here are some of the top pros and cons to think about if you are looking into this type of addition for your home. Let's start with the pros. The most obvious advantage of having one of these installed is the freedom it gives your dog to be able to go to the bathroom when it needs to. We all know that sometimes accidents happen. Whether it is because we aren't home to take our dog out or we don't notice their need to go until it is too late, a doggie door will alleviate this issue completely. Also, sometimes our four-legged friends eat something that doesn't agree with them and they yak. Wouldn't you rather that happen outside?How many times have you taken your pet out only to realize they just wanted to lay in the sun or grab some fresh air? When this happens you may end up being stuck outside longer than you had hoped to be. This may be particularly frustrating if you were busy prior to going outside or not fun because of the weather. With this new opening, they can easily go out to enjoy the yard whenever they feel the need.Now let's discuss the cons.There are some more commonly talked about cons that may become an issue with the use of a doggie door. The biggest concern about them are the possible unwanted guests that may also use the door. We're talking about other creatures, and in extreme cases, a possible burglar. While there is a very small chance that this could actually be a risk, there are some precautions you can take to avoid it altogether. There are doors that have locks on them, or ones that take a special collar to activate. Also, if you own a small dog, the burglar concern is not as the doggie door would be too small for a human to go through. Another issue deals with families that have small children. Little kids are oddly attracted to them, and if left unattended they can easily figure out how to get through one. This can be a problem if you do not purchase the right kind.Overall, with the right doggie door, you can actually eliminate most of the cons people associate with them. There are many different types of doors, each for different situations. There are sliding glass ones, electrical, and old fashioned flaps. The cost of them is a wide range, it all depends on size and functions. Many people who own dogs and have these doors absolutely love them.


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