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September 8, 2020
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Baby Travel Systems - Strollers With Extras

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Baby travel systems have come a long way since the small, rickety strollers of years ago. Today you can find a stroller in the shape of most any tractor or animal around. In addition, many of the strollers come with extra features that were unheard of even as long as 10 or 20 years back. Stroller manufacturers are now listening to the cries of parents and nannies for easier maneuvering, meaning bigger, easier wheels; better construction and bigger areas for the baby or child. And many parents want one item to carry, not several, so manufacturers gave them what they wanted in the 2-in-1 stroller.

Baby travel systems are multi-use strollers, also referred to as a 2-in-1 strollers, which are actually a car seat and a stroller all in one unit. No need to carry both whenever you have to travel to a restaurant or mall. The baby is in the car seat which locks on to the frame of the stroller and can be wheeled around like a stroller. Everything is coordinated and makes a nice, matching statement for the car seat and stroller because they are basically the same piece of equipment. There is no longer a need to carry a stroller and a car seat with you when you go traveling.

There are baby travel systems that contain more than one piece of equipment such as a car seat and a seat for a sibling or another child. These are usually double strollers and come in handy for families with more than one child under the age of three. As a parent, it's often difficult to justify one child sitting and riding in the stroller while the other has to walk, with the double stroller or one that has an extra seat in the back for a sibling, there is no worries about who needs to walk or why.

Some of the baby travel systems are more like a crib on wheels than a stroller. They look like a bassinet and can fold up to where the child is sitting up and you can have two children facing each other which can prove to be very entertaining for the children and the parents. Or, one or both babies lying down, sleeping while you push the stroller. Several of the bassinet-style strollers can be adjusted as the child ages and becomes more of a sit down stroller for the child so that they can enjoy the ride more than when they were lying down as a baby.

There are baby travel systems for boys and girls; the girls have bright pink, sometimes Barbie style 'wagons', and the boys have John Deer Tractor style strollers which help to distinguish them apart from one another while strolling down the pathway in the park or the mall. They are very fashionable and also come in the 2-in-1 design with the car seat as an attachment. Many of the baby travel systems come with accessories such as built-in toys, cup holders, baskets and sometimes matching diaper bags.


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