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November 8, 2020
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Finding the best outdoor jacket for you

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While it might be true that many of us actually enjoy shopping for new clothes there is certainly an equal amount of us that find it to be a chore. The effort required to find a technical or outdoor jacket is even greater than when shopping for regular clothes as shoppers are inclined to find something that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. Getting this compromise between fashion and function is something that can prove quite difficult. In fact just finding a coat you like the look of can be a challenge in itself, or for those without the knowledge finding a functional jacket.

There is quite an extensive range of outdoor coats available today; many of them vary quite considerably as they have been made for different environments and circumstances, and for many this will make the decision even harder. This being said, there are however, some universal factors that can be useful to identify, and will certainly help make the decision easier.

For those of us that are willing to fork out a reasonable amount of money for a coat it should certainly be possible to find something that is wind resistant, water proof, and breathable. There are many three tiered coats that fulfil the criteria; the three layers these coats typically consist of are an outer shell, (this protects against the wind and rain, the middle layer, which is normally a fleece type garment designed to maintain heat, and finally a base layer.

It is arguable that the outer shell of a coat is the most important section, there's no doubt that it plays a major role in determining just how effective a coat is. With this in mind it essential that you find a coat where the outer shell is water proof and wind resistant. It can be useful to remember that the term waterproof can vary, typically anything that can bear a column of water from 120 to 150 centimetres, or 4-5 feet is considered waterproof. Some high-end jackets might actually stretch as far as 10 metres. It is the material that the outer shell is made from, and how it is made, (seams and covered zips etc), that determine how waterproof it is.

Finding something that is breathable is vital too, you can quickly get cold if you're sweat cannot escape the confines of your jacket. The average human emits half a litre of fluid through their skin every day, and by buying a jacket that works on the membrane principle you can rest assured that your tiny water vapour molecules will pass out and no water droplets will get in.


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