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March 24, 2020
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A Stylish Clutch Bag For Every Occasion

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Stylish clutch bags are a trend these days. To carry a bulky hand bag around is pass. The clutch bags provide an ample opportunity to carry your stuff around. All the little necessities like keys, makeup and other accessories can be kept in it. Apart from this, the womens clutch bags also make you look stylish and help you to achieve the look you aspire to get. A carefully selected clutch bag can help accentuate your look. These clutches are also used as an effective accessory to change your looks. While a sauv clutch will compliment a sophisticated and sharp look, a glittery clutch can transform the similar look into a relaxed and party style. So, a simple change of a clutch bag can help to achieve a different look every time.
These bags are a most common piece of accessory that is used by the commoners and celebrities alike. It is the 'in' thing to make a style statement. As they are compact, they are easy to hold. The clutches are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, shape and prices. A distinct clutch can always make you the center of attraction at a party.
There are a number of materials that are used to make these clutches. And these are distinguished by their look and feel. Some clutches are appropriate to be used in a certain function only. Let's have a look at that.
The bridal clutch bags:
The brides have a tough task to find a clutch bag to match with their outfit. The type of clutches that go perfectly with their elegant dresses are the ones made up of silk, lace, velvet, sequin and suede. These could be embellished with pearls, crystals or Swarovski. The most commonly preferred shapes are the regular ones with oval, rectangle and heart. The most suitable colors are the pastel shades, ivory, peach, pinks, creams, whites and beige. Rose gold is also a very attractive color to go for.
The evening clutch bags:
Dressing up for a party requires you to look fresh and glamorous. This sort of look can be achieved by adding some bling to the outfit. It can be done by adding a shiny clutch studded with chunky embellishments. The more unique the design, the more glances it will get. For the casual look, you can choose a clutch made in bold and eye catching metallic colors like gold, silver, copper and bronze. Glittery black and electric grey are an eternal favorite. The materials used could be metal, leather, fur, satin etc.
Apart from these, the colors that are making news in the fashion circles these days are the neon shades. The clutches in these shades can be used to bring alive a monochrome dress. Or they can balance out a multicolor look with a block colored clutch.
The office wear clutches:
The envelope clutches, wristlets or the convertible clutches are very practical to be used with the office wear look. They offer space to keep a lot of your stuff. These clutches are easy to carry around in the office and formal meets. They lend sophistication to the office look.
So, we see that there is a variety of clutches available to be matched with your outfits and suiting the occasions.


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