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May 14, 2020
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Antique End Tables - Bring A Little History To Your Home

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Antique end tables are popular because they have been able to withstand the test of time with their classic designs.

While some antique end tables come and go with whims of fashion, others become classics in style and home design. Few would argue that a 70s end table finished in burnt orange or avocado is less desirable than antique end tables from almost every other period. Some might even say that a 70s table is not an antique, it's simply an eyesore. Yet rich walnut tables from this era have made a comeback.

When shopping for antique end tables it is important to keep in mind your current dcor and any design goals you have about changing that decor. You also need to answer this question. Do you really want antique end tables or are you willing to settle for reproduction antique end tables?

Good antique end tables will set you back quite a bit of money, because of their antique status. Many people are searching the market, as well as auctions houses and estate sales for real antique end tables that they can bring into their home.

If the history of a piece is important too, then you may want to stick with the real thing. Generally you will get what you pay for, if you know antiques and know what you are looking for in antique end tables. But if you just like the style of sleek cabriole legs or sweet piecrust pedestals than reproduction pieces will be easier on your pocketbook. And it is easy to find many styles of antique or antique reproduction tables when you shop online. If you prefer to deal with local dealers, you should also make sure the dealer you are working with is reputable. If you can, do a few internet searches to see if there are any complaints against the person you are considering buying antique end tables from.

Once you find the antique end tables you think need to come home with you, you should look the piece over carefully and completely. There likely have been repairs made over the years. That would be natural for antique end tables that have been used generation after generation. Even the strongest pieces of furniture will have some problems over time. You need to make sure the repairs done on the pieces have been done well. You also want to make sure any repairs have not damaged these antique end tables or their value.

For those who do their homework and take a little extra time before they buy, beautiful antique end tables can be a piece of history in their home. Or have a little fun refinishing and painting an antique table to suit their taste.

Or you can go with reproduction antique end tables have the look of antiques without the higher price tag. Many of these items have been artificially distressed to look as if they have been passed down for several generations, but because they have not they are more reasonably priced. They are also made with modern lifestyles in mind as they are usually available in many colors and finishes to easily add a classic touch with modern flair to your home.


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