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June 21, 2020
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Bridal Hats With Veil

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Bridal hats with veil offer elegant alternatives for brides who aren't enamored with the miles-long wedding veil. While the bridal hat is recently returning to its own again, hats have been worn for generations, especially during the more subdued second wedding.

More than in any bygone era, today's woman dares to be different. Conventionality doesn't fit them. They no longer feel obligated to meekly follow tradition, just because things have always been done a certain way. Uniqueness is an admirable trait, yet some brides would feel underdressed without some sort of head covering during the ceremony.

While the rule book of genteel weddings may have been tossed aside, there remains no doubt the veil itself adds a nuance of mystique and has symbolized of purity since antiquity. True fashionistas will most likely honor the ages-old custom and select from bridal hats with veil.

Whether choosing the bridal hat by itself or with veil, modern brides can confidently wear these distinctive head-coverings with poise and panache. Shoulder length flyaway veils, elbow length and fingertip veils appear awesomely avant-garde in netting, chiffon or tulle. Perhaps the most attractive feature of bridal hats is that they add fabulous accents with whatever style dress the bride selects.

After determining bridal hats with veil is just the thing to make your personal statement, it's easy to pick the perfect complement to your dream dress.

Think in opposites! For the simple wedding gown, select an ostentatious hat accessorized with feathers and rhinestones. An elegant gown marries well with a more minimalist hat. In the long run, it's all about the bride on the most important day of her life.

Next, take the physical body into account and shop for a bridal hat that is proportionate. The taller bride can carry-off larger brimmed bridal hats, where the more petite person shows-off her personal best in dainty bridal hats with veil.

Like the realtor, one must consider location, location, location. For the outdoor wedding, consider the sun hat. To achieve a back to nature look, try-out a few hats adorned with feathers and flower petals and a cage netting, short veil. The bride will exude a portrait of sheer loveliness.

Don't be dissuaded by the outdated thought that the long flowing veil must be worn at indoor weddings. The stunning vintage bridal hat and cage veil is an appropriate alternative for the formal indoor ceremony. Check out the modern version of vintage hats with a satin flower and rhinestone center. If flamboyance is desirable, some are available with feather sprays or beads.

For second marriages, the bride may prefer a fashionable silk wedding suit or simple sheath dress in crme or ivory. Here, think a-la Jackie Kennedy and consider the simple, yet elegant pill box hat with a shorter veil.

Mature brides who have grown into their sense and sensibility are prime candidates for the bridal hat. They own the self-confidence to carry off a hat on comb with feathers, featuring small crystals to accentuate this truly unique headpiece.

It's never been an easy task to affix the longer flowing veil to short hair. Brides with short hair or upswept do's will appreciate built-in hair comb or barrette option in the bridal hat.

Bottom Line: Brides look mesmerizing in their bridal hats with veil.


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